1. Scarlet
    Green Seagull

  2. Await The Queen
    Crystal Jacqueline

  3. It's All Over Now
    Brinsley Schwarz

  4. Vivid Dreams Parade
    The Insektlife Cycle

  5. Cumulus
    Mark and The Clouds

  6. When I Was Walking
    Us and Them

  7. Stoned In Love
    The Orange Drop

  8. Forget-Me-Not Under Pussy Willow
    Icarus Peel

  9. In Session
    Vivian Stanshall & biG GRunt

  10. Live At The Half Moon
    Tir na nOg

  11. Hollow Ghost/Rochelle Salt
    Octopus Syng

  12. Live Favourites
    Brinsley Schwarz

  13. Songs From The Black Meadow
    Various Artists

  14. Maple Key
    Le Super Homard

  15. Inside The Whale
    The Honey Pot

  16. To The Edge Of The World And Beyond
    The Honey Pot

  17. Mega Dodo Singles Club
    The Honey Pot, Octopus Syng, The Luck Of Eden Hall, Us and Them

  18. The End Of The Lane
    The Luck Of Eden Hall

  19. Reverberating Garden Number 7
    Octopus Syng

  20. Lisa Dreams
    The Honey Pot

  21. The Beast Shouted Love
    Beautify Junkyards

  22. Summer Green and Autumn Brown
    Us and Them

  23. Rainflower
    Crystal Jacqueline

  24. Blue Skies Opening
    Mark & The Clouds

  25. New Start
    Will Z.

  26. Her Dawn Wardrobe
    Sky Picnic

  27. Barnburner
    Icarus Peel and Mordecai Smyth

  28. Reverberating Garden No. 7
    Octopus Syng

  29. Sun Arise
    Crystal Jacqueline

  30. Sticky Tape and Rust
    Mordecai Smyth

  31. Pink Litmus Paper Shirt
    Strange Turn

  32. Pegasus
    The Green Question Mark

  33. Dial M For Mordecai
    Mordecai Smyth

  34. Georgina Jones
    Mordecai Smyth

  35. Mull Of Kintyre
    Ivan Ivanovich

  36. Games For May
    Various Artists

  37. Winter Deep
    Crystal Jacqueline

  38. A Séance at Syd’s
    Various Artists

  39. Electronic Memory
    Crystal Jacqueline & The Honey Pot

  40. At Last, The Mega Dodo Show

  41. Blue Skies Opening 'FREE SINGLE!'
    Mark & The Clouds

  42. Evolver 'FREE EP!'
    Various Artists

  43. Night Of The Long Grass
    Crystal Jacqueline

  44. Home For Christmas
    Various Artists


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Mega Dodo are pioneering the most significant and in terms of progression and originality, forward thinking psychedelic rebirth since the early 80s.
Dave Thompson: Goldmine Magazine

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